Introduction Of PBEA

Pakistan Bedwear Exporters Association is one of the leading Trade Association of Pakistan and which was established and recognized by the Govement of Pakistan on 23rd December, 1985 and licence No.112 was granted to PBEA. The Association holds its offices in Karachi and Lahore.

After the growth of Bedwear Industry in Pakistan from processing, printed and dyed goods, the Export of Bedwear started to increase due to its better qualities of printing and dyeing.

Hence, in the beginning, Italy, France, Spain and Germany & USA imposed quota restrictions on the Export of Bedwear from Pakistan. The Association was registered as a ‘B’ Class Association and within few months the Govement of Pakistan upgraded it to ‘A’ Class Association in 1986 due to realization of the then Govement that the potential and work done by PBEA in regards to advising the Govement in the Bilateral talks in regards to quota within the European Union and USA.

With the inception of PBEA since 1985 it had served the Textile Sector all over Pakistan in regards to problem of the Exporters of Bedwear in regards to Ya prices and during the quota period.

The Bedwear Association have represented and set-up independent booths in the famous Hemtextil Fair and other Fairs, etc. PBEA have also led a number of delegations to USA, Europe, Bangladesh, etc.

The Association has also set-up stands in Japan and Australia.

The Association also played a very important role for the decision in favor of Pakistan of anti dumping by EU and South Africa. The Association has also helped its members in the fixation of Duty Drawbacks rates and etc.

PBEA also made Voice to the Govement to abolish the octroi charges on the movement of goods in the country which was a great relief to all Exporters of Textile of Pakistan.

Further, PBEA also established a Bedwear Designing & Training Institute and have given training to boys and girls students for Designing in CAD/CAM Computers, Manual Designs, Fashions, Laboratory training and etc. Up-to-date about 1000 students have passed out. ( Exports of Bedwear Industry have crossed US$ 2 Billion Exports in 2007.